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Visibility For The Enterprise

Stronger applications, tighter security, and higher return on IT investment all hinge on being able to see inside your network. Only with total visibility across your physical and virtual networks can your teams—and your tools—make exactly the right decisions at exactly the right time.

Keysight Leads in Visibility Performance

4x Better Performance

Deploy Network Visibility

Keysight's hardware processing deduplicates data up to 160 Gbps/module compared to Gigamon's slower 40 Gbps/module software processing.

Zero Packet Loss

Enable Proactive Monitoring

According to the Tolly Report ¹, Keysight had zero packet loss compared to Gigamon which dropped 20% – 75% at 256 bytes and below.

Ease of Use

Get Complete Cloud Visibility

When it comes to setup, Keysight filter creation is 4x faster and our application intelligence programming is a minimum of 5x faster than other leading solutions.

¹ Based on a per rack unit throughput comparison with Gigamon and NetScout as well as active-active and active-standby support for resiliency. The Tolly Group is a third party testing company. Ixia (now Keysight) sponsored The Tolly Group to perform testing on the performance of Ixia's NPB compared to an equivalent Gigamon NPB. See the Tolly Report for the complete analysis.

Can Your Network Packet Broker Handle the Pressure?

If you have a Gigamon network packet broker, you need to read this. See the Keysight difference.

Help Eliminate Configuration Mishaps

Keysight's drag and drop GUI enables you to easily build filters directing your traffic to all the right tools.

Other vendors use a port mapping solution that requires a PhD in logic manipulation. Keysight's configuration solution helps you avoid mistypes that accidentally send your traffic to nowhere.

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Discover the ROI For Visibility

How Do You Know You Need A Visibility Upgrade?

Is your team complaining “the network is slow”?

Are Skype or VoIP not working or keep dropping?

Are you worried about compliance fines?

Out of Band Products

Out-of-Band Monitoring Solutions

Products for Out-of-Band Monitoring Solutions:

Is your security team chasing too many false positives?

Were you breached in the last 12 months?

Are your security tools inline or out-of-band?

InLine Resiliance Products

Inline Security Resilience Solutions

Products for Inline Security Resilience Solutions:

Industry Leading Visibility with Vision One

Ixia visibility solutions customer statistic

Source: TechValidate. TVID: F8F-009-F33

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