• Quickly find security flaws in connected devices with intuitive UI
  • Integrate security testing into CI/CD pipeline with complete REST API management
  • Discover unknown network stack and chipset weaknesses with protocol fuzzing
  • Harden security with comprehensive vulnerability assessment
  • Broaden scope with testing for consumer, healthcare, automotive, and other connected devices
  • Validate Wi-Fi, cellular, Ethernet, CAN bus, Bluetooth, and BLE connected devices

Of The Billions of Internet–Connected Devices, Most Are Insecure

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are becoming so ubiquitous that they fade into the background. But what happens when threat actors find vulnerabilities in those devices? With traditional IT devices, security updates can be applied on the fly. But once IoT devices with fixed firmware are deployed, it is often not possible to fix problems.

Because of the difficulty in patching devices once deployed, it is critical to thoroughly test the security and resilience of IoT devices before deployment, with the attacks and techniques that hackers use in the wild.

Find and fix critical vulnerabilities in all classes of connected devices with
Keysight's IoT Security Assessment

Verify with Comprehensive, Automated Security Testing for IoT Devices

With Keysight’s IoT Security Assessment solution, comprehensive IoT security validation is just a few clicks away. It enables validation of virtually any connected device against a broad range of known and unknown attacks to ensure cybersecurity compliance before leaving the development or test lab.

IoT Security Assessment does an exhaustive search of the IoT device under test in an attempt to crash or compromise it. Robust assessment reports present users with clear and complete data that includes Risk score, CVSS score, and vector, as well as an explanation and solution.

Discover Hidden Communication Flaws with Protocol Fuzzing

Vulnerabilities can lurk deep in communication chipsets, evading detection by traditional vulnerability assessment tools. It takes thorough, intelligent probing of network stacks to find the flaws that can cripple a device with a single packet. These flaws can impact any networking medium, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, and CAN bus.

Keysight’s patent-pending intelligent fuzzing engine seeks out hidden flaws in communication stacks. Our software has already been used to find and publish dozens of CVEs impacting over a billion devices and includes a feature to enable quick replay of lethal packet sequences it discovers.

Plug IoT Security Validation Into Your CI/CD Process

To ensure resiliency and security in deployed IoT devices, development organizations need to embrace continuous security validation in their CI/CD pipelines.

Keysight's IoT Security Assessment solution is API-driven, externally and internally. This means that it is easy to plug in existing and third-party modules. So, if you already have test scripts, just plug them in and keep using them–all controlled by the same API as the rest of the IoT Security Assessments.

Leverage Global Research Team to Keep Security Testing Current

From low-level protocol fuzzing to upper-layer attacks, exhaustive device testing must be conducted using the most relevant, up-to-date attacks available. Keysight IoT Security Assessment builds on 20+ years of leadership in network security testing to reveal security exposures across any network technology.

The ongoing research from our Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center ensures regular updates, so you have access to the latest protocol fuzzing and attack techniques.

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