3DEM simulation interface integrated in ADS, Virtuoso, and Custom Compiler environments for RF/Microwave circuit designers to easily run interactive EM-circuit cosimulation for tuning and optimization. Includes Momentum 3D Planar and FEM full 3D EM simulators with automatic expert setup.


The W3030E PathWave RFPro includes:

  • Run 3DEM analysis as easily as circuit simulation
  • Automatic extraction of selected nets and components for 3DEM-circuit cosimulation without altering layout or schematic
  • Mesh domain optimization efficiently handle nearby large ground and power planes
  • 3D planar Momentum and full 3D FEM simulators

Pathwave RFPro enables RF/Microwave circuits designers using ADS, Virtuoso, or Custom Compiler to easily run 3DEM-circuit cosimulation without layout cookie-cutting or schematic alterations, thereby preserving design integrity from start to finish. Any net and component can be selected in place with automatic EM-circuit partitioning and expert simulation settings to integrate EM results effortlessly into circuit design for interactive tuning and optimization. Mesh domain optimization ensures large ground or power planes nearby are efficiently simulated without cookie cutting. Includes both 3D planar Momentum and full 3D FEM simulators.

Note: This element license requires a host ADS bundle to work in the ADS Platform. No additional license is required for use within Virtuoso or Custom Compiler. For recommended bundle configurations, click here.

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