As part of Keysight's Corporate Social Responsibility mission to Build a Better Planet, we focus on creating opportunities for today's students to engage with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. Recognizing that all students do not have equal access to the same educational resources, we invest and engage in accessible STEM educational opportunities around the world to secure a future skilled workforce and empower creative solutions to next generation challenges. Our educational outreach is driven through our signature Keysight After School program as well as through strategic partnerships with organizations making an impact in communities around the world. 

Keysight After School Program

Keysight After School is a hands-on STEM education program for students in Keysight communities around the world. The Keysight After School program provides the materials and lesson plans that employee volunteers then deliver in primary and secondary education settings. Keysight After School features several different hands-on electronics, physical and earth-science experiments designed as complete "programs-in-a-box" with all the materials needed for students to explore various STEM experiments.  

After completing their experiments, Keysight After School participants are encouraged to take their finished project with them. This provides an opportunity for the students to continue learning the concepts presented, share the project with family and friends, or show it to their teachers.

Keysight After School is meant to supplement in-class STEM lessons and supports most international, federal and state science standards. While utilized mostly in a school setting, the program has also been presented in non-traditional venues such as community centers, museums, hospitals, and through non-governmental organizations.

In addition, the Keysight After School program creates opportunities for employee volunteerism. Keysight fully funds the program’s experiment kits and its delivery by employee volunteers, at no cost to the host organizations or participating students. We believe our greatest asset is our employee brainpower and encourage employees to share their passion for STEM in classrooms in their local community. 

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Educational Outreach Partnerships

Keysight's approach to STEM education outreach includes building a network of partnerships that help support local and global communities. In many cases these partnerships also focus on equitable access to STEM education as an important element in building a future diverse and skilled workforce. These partnerships embrace our shared vision of STEM education for all. Learn more about some of our educational outreach partnerships for fiscal year 2024, below.

Discovery Education Logo

Discovery Education and the STEM Careers Coalition

Discovery Education and the STEM Careers Coalition are expanding equitable access to STEM education to ensure that all students across the U.S. have access to the STEM resources they need to become the next generation of STEM innovators.

Learning Undefeated Logo

Learning Undefeated

Learning Undefeated is driving race and gender equity in STEM through deep impact learning experiences for students from under resourced communities in the U.S.

Technovation Logo


Technovation is a global technology entrepreneurship program for girls 8-18 years old that supports and empowers participants to create technology and AI based solutions for real world problems and gain skills for the future.

Try Engineering logo

Try Engineering

Try Engineering is dedicated to providing educational resources, inspiration, and guidance that empowers educators, counselors, and their students around the world, fostering the next generation of technology innovators.

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