U1600 Series Handheld Oscilloscopes

Retool your expectations—simplify troubleshooting in the field

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Three Capabilities in One Instrument — Color Waveform Display, DMM, and Data Logger

Designed to address the portability needs of various installation and maintenance applications, the U1600 series of handheld oscilloscopes enables clear waveform viewing, easy waveform analysis, and quick isolation of signal glitches. With high-performance features loaded into one robust package, mobile troubleshooting is a breeze.

  • Safely perform high-power signal analysis with CAT III 600V channel-to-channel isolation
  • Clearly view details with up to 200 MSa/s sample rate and 2 Mpts memory
  • Select from 10 localized user interfaces
  • Easily identify problem areas and zoom in for more detailed analysis using dual window zoom
  • Debug under any lighting condition with three viewing modes (indoor, outdoor, night vision)

Built For High-Performance Troubleshooting 

Keysight's U1610A and U1620A handheld oscilloscopes are designed for your daily needs, regardless of your environment's conditions. 

  • Clearly distinguish waveform details using the 5.7-inch sunlight-viewable VGA TFT LCD screen with enhanced color intensity  
  • See signals more accurately with higher resolution and a wider viewing angle
  • Perform quicker waveform analysis in both time and frequency domains

Key Specifications


DC 100–200 MHz

Max Memory Depth

32 Mpts

Max Sample Rate

1 GSa/s

Handheld / Modular


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