The WJ1000A mmWaveJudge Remote Receiver is a palm-sized mmWave to IF (intermediate frequency) converter, that extends the SJ001A WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer 5G FR1 band coverage to 5G FR2 band.

Key Features:

  • Works seamlessly with the WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer receiver modules
  • Supports basic 2x2 MIMO or massive MIMO applications at mmWave bands
  • mmWave input range: 24GHz to 30GHz band, and 27GHz to 42.5GHz band
  • IF output range: 2.6GHz to 4.7GHz
  • mmWave bandwidth: 800MHz
  • Powered via USB-C connection to WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer receiver modules
WJ1000A mmWaveJudge Remote Receiver

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