Meet the Scienlab Energy Storage Discover

The Scienlab Energy Storage Discover (ESD) is a central component of all Scienlab energy storage test environments.
The intuitive software allows users to conduct tests that deliver concrete, stable, and reproducible results.

  • Maximum transparency, intuitive operation and ease of learning
  • Intuitive and self-explanatory test programming
  • Targeted evaluation without post-processing
  • Clear structuring of test sequences thanks to (sub-)routines and their management in libraries
  • Easy data evaluation via intelligently designed functions — already possible while tests are running

ESD Test Scenarios

The software allows time-synchronous control of all battery test systems for cells, modules, and packs as well as all test environment components and also permits validation of all energy storage types.

  • Function, aging, environment, and performance tests
  • Standardized and standard-compliant tests (for example, ISO, DIN EN, SAE)
  • Determination of internal resistance, charge, energy, capacity, efficiency, cyclic and calendrical durability, temperature behavior, and mechanical resistance
  • Analysis of durability, range and efficiency
  • Electrochemical impedance measurement and cyclic voltammetry
Scienlab Energy Storage Discover Software

Drive the Future of E-Mobility

Accelerate the development and validation of batteries with Keysight’s Scienlab Battery Test Solutions. From cell chemistry to battery pack Keysight’s holistic approach is your key to success:

Key Features

Powerful visualization

Holistic car emulation on cell, module, and pack level

Extensive laboratory management using Lab Operations

Integration of external components into the test environment

Extend the Capabilities for Your Scienlab Energy Storage Discover

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