S96460B provides mismatch-corrected true-mode stimulus and enables accurate balanced measurements on 4-port E5080B vector network analyzers.


Enables Accurate Balanced Measurements Under Real Operating Conditions
The S96460B Integrated True-mode Stimulus Application (iTMSA) provides mismatch-corrected true-mode (true differential and true common) stimulus and enables accurate balanced measurements under real operating conditions. iTMSA also provides balanced measurements with forward-only sweep, reverse-only sweep, and frequency or power sweep with arbitrary phase and amplitude offsets. S96460B only works on 4-port ENA-X, or E5080B ENA with two internal sources (E5080B-4x2).
  • Fast and fully error-corrected mixed-mode S-parameter measurements with true-mode stimulus
  • Accurate differential and common-mode stimulus with VNA/DUT mismatch error correction
  • Arbitrary phase and amplitude offsets with normal and in-fixture modes
  • Bi-directional, forward-only, or reverse-only true-mode stimulus
  • Supports balanced input and output, one balanced and one single-ended devices

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