Power electronics (PE) is all about handling power — generating, converting, and moving it from source to load efficiently. Keysight EDA delivers design and modeling tools to accelerate your PE workflow and ensure your designs are accurate, reliable, and built for optimal performance in mission-critical applications.

Watch this video to learn how Keysight’s ADS and PEPro help improve SMPS design accuracy and efficiency.

Designing a Switched-Mode Power Supply

As Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) power devices gain prominence, the evolution of switched-mode power supply (SMPS) designs accelerates, necessitating a new, holistic approach. Crafting these converters and inverters presents challenges stemming from high switching speeds, which amplify concerns regarding board parasitics and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

To meet these challenges head-on, Keysight EDA’s Advanced Design System (ADS) and Power Electronics Professional (PEPro) offer an innovative workflow featuring EM-circuit co-simulation, providing an effective solution for emerging complexities across electric vehicle, aerospace, renewable energy applications.

Streamlining Thermal Analysis

Keysight helps achieve efficient thermal analysis solutions at both schematic and board level.

  • Schematic-level thermal analysis: Estimate junction temperatures, calculate power losses, and seamlessly export results for comprehensive thermal considerations.
  • Board-level thermal analysis: Simulate PCB thermal effects, identify hotspots early, and visualize heat distribution with PEPro's intuitive heat map feature.

Learn how thermal analysis capabilities in PEPro are essential for optimizing your designs' performance.

Reduce Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Noise results from conducted EMI test bench

Reduce Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Effects of Power Converters and Inverters 

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) poses a critical concern in SMPS design based on GaN or SiC. Switching signal control transistors inadvertently generate EMI, varying significantly depending on the application and industry standards.

Detecting and addressing EMI issues early in the design process is vital to sidestep costly EMI validation tests in labs and ensure compliance with stringent EMI and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards.

Keysight integrates an electromagnetic engine into PEPro, facilitating a virtual conducted and radiated EMI test environment directly at the designer’s workstation.

Digital Reference Designs

Keysight has partnered with industry leaders in the wide bandgap semiconductor (WBG) to create digital reference designs in ADS, including Wolfspeed, Transphorm, and ROHM Semiconductor.

The “digital twins” approach enables designers to accurately account for effects of the printed circuit board (PCB) in their switched-mode power supply (SMPS) designs in early stages of the product development lifecycle.

Digital Reference Designs

Layout of Wolfspeed SiC power converter

Flexible Model Creation in PathWave ADS

IV curve of a transistor used to create a model using PEMB.

Power Electronics Model Builder (PEMB)

As power modules become smaller, switching frequencies increase and, wide bandgap (WBG) technologies enable ever faster edge switch rates, there is a growing need for accurate device models.

Keysight's PEMB enables power electronics design teams to

  • Build custom models for GaN, SiC, Si and IGBT switching devices.
  • Create models directly from digitizing the IV and CV curves from the vendor datasheet.
  • Leverage Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to fit digitized data in the model creation process.

Power Electronics EMI Curriculum Handbook

This Power Electronics EMI Curriculum Handbook provides hands-on learnings experience on the fundamentals of electromagnetic interference (EMI) in Power Electronics.

  • Learn about EMI effects in a power converter design via 8 experiments.
  • Simulate using Keysight’s ADS and PEPro simulation software.
  • Validate with measurement using Keysight instruments.
  • Download the Power Electronics EMI Curriculum Handbook.
Power Electronics EMI

Measurement Setup Configuration for TI-PMLK Buck Converter.

Find the Product that's Right for You

Model Number Product Name Description
W3631B ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + PEPro + PE Ckt Sim Built for power converter design for power generation and transmission, aerospace-defense, automotive, data center, consumer electronics, and IoT applications
W3026E PE Circuit Simulation Includes Transient/Convolution and the Power Electronics Library
W3035E PEPro Includes Momentum and FEM Simulators
W7016E IC-CAP Power Electronics PowerMOS SiC Extraction Package Add-on Keysight PowerMOS SiC model for SiC and Si power devices for power electronics applications
W7017E IC-CAP Power Electronics IGBT Extraction Package Add-on Keysight IGBT model for power electronics applications
W7018E IC-CAP Power Electronics GaN Extraction Package Add-on ASM-HEMT model for power electronics applications


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