PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS)

Market-leading circuit design and simulation software

Advanced Design System – ADS Software

Accelerate Your Design and Simulation Workflow

PathWave ADS offers integrated design guidance via templates to help you get started faster. Extensive component libraries make it easy to find the part you want. Automatic sync with layout allows you to visualize the physical layout while making schematic designs.

  • Achieve design success with a complete desktop flow.
  • Easily integrate with PathWave electromagnetic simulators.
  • Share and manage workspaces across teams.
  • Model nonlinear designs with X-parameters*.
  • Incorporate leading foundry and industry designs.
  • Increase yield with optimization cockpit and data display.

*X-parameters is a trademark and registered trademark of Keysight Technologies in the US, EU, JP, and elsewhere. The X-parameters format and underlying equations are open and documented.

Gain Design Confidence

Data helps teams visualize whether their designs meet specifications. The data display and analytics capabilities in PathWave ADS produce graphs, charts, and diagrams to give you design confidence. Quickly accelerate your design with wizards, design guides, and templates. The complete design flow includes schematic, layout, circuit, electro-thermal, and electromagnetic simulations.

Overcome High-Speed Digital Design Challenges

Signal and power integrity are becoming more important as frequency and speed increase in printed circuit boards (PCBs). Losses associated with transmission line effects can cause failures in electronic devices. Modeling traces, vias, and interconnects are necessary to simulate the board accurately. Improve high-speed link performance in PCB designs with integrated circuit design and electromagnetic simulators customized for power and signal integrity analysis.

High Speed Digital Design using ADS Software
5G chip solutions

Increase Reliability in Power Converter Designs

Power supplies, solar inverters, and electric vehicles are driving the need for more efficiency in power device designs. The technology that enables an increase in efficiency is wide-bandgap materials such as Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride. Model modern materials and switch-mode power supplies to optimize power device designs for maximum efficiency.

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