Power electronics (PE) is all about handling power: generating it, converting it, and moving it from source to load. Keysight delivers design and modeling tools to accelerate your PE workflow and ensure your designs are accurate, reliable, and built for optimal performance.

Watch this video to learn how to use Keysight’s PathWave ADS and Power Electronics Pro (PEPro) to design your switched-mode power supply (SMPS).

Switched-Mode Power Supply Design

Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) designs are evolving with the emergence of wide bandgap semiconductors such as silicon carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitrite (GaN) power devices. Designing these supplies requires a modern circuit design tool as traditional pre-layout Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis (SPICE) is no longer enough. SPICE doesn’t account for voltage spikes and electromagnetic (EM) interference issues caused by layout parasitics.

A new workflow that adds a post-layout EM-circuit co-simulation stage is needed to find and fix these problems. Keysight's PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) and Power Electronics Pro (PEPro) will simulate the effects of layout parasitics before the first prototype.

Digital Reference Designs

Keysight has partnered with leaders in the wide bandgap semiconductor industry to create digital reference designs in ADS. These partners include Wolfspeed, Transphorm, and ROHM Semiconductor. These “digital twins” enable the designer account for effects of the printed circuit board (PCB) in their switched-mode power supply designs.

Learn how Keysight has partnered with Transphorm, an industry leading provider of GaN power devices, to create a reference design (aka: digital twin) of the Transphorm GaN 4kW high efficiency single-phase AC-DC converter evaluation board in the Keysight PathWave ADS.

Design tools for Power Electronics

Reduce Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) with EM-Circuit Co-Simulation

PathWave ADS offers time- and frequency-domain simulation of both lumped and distributed elements. The harmonic balance (HB) simulator covers the frequency domain and yields a steady state solution rapidly, while Keysight's EM field solvers address distributed effects.

With an integrated EM field solver, you can pinpoint and fix the root cause of layout parasitics. An EM field solver helps you to model EMI and compatibility in a virtual chamber. The integrated tool flow reduces manual operations, speeds design, and reduces mistakes.

Power Electronics Models

Keysight is the only vendor that provides your semiconductor component vendors with complete end-to-end modeling solutions. These solutions provide tools for automated measurements, accurate device model extraction, comprehensive qualification, and final process design kit (PDK) validation. As a result, your vendor can provide you the accurate models you need for ADS simulation. We offer extraction flows for MOSFET, BJT, IGBT, SiC and GaN.

PathWave ADS Power Electronic Model Software

Find the Product that's Right for You

Model Number Bundle Name Description
W3631B PathWave ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + PEPro + PE Ckt Sim Built for power converter design for power generation and transmission, aerospace-defense, automotive, data center, consumer electronics, and IoT applications
W3035E PathWave PEPro Includes Momentum and FEM Simulators
W7398B PathWave Power Electronics Model Generator Enables simulations and modeling of Keysight IGBT and SiC models as well as the CMC standard model, ASM-HEMT for PE applications
W7016E PathWave IC-CAP Power Electronics PowerMOS SiC Extraction Package Add-on Keysight PowerMOS SiC model for SiC and Si power devices for power electronics applications
W7017E PathWave IC-CAP Power Electronics IGBT Extraction Package Add-on Keysight IGBT model for power electronics applications
W7018E PathWave IC-CAP Power Electronics GaN Extraction Package Add-on ASM-HEMT model for power electronics applications


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