Meet the SL1040A Scienlab Charging Discovery System Series

The SL1040A Scienlab Charging Discovery System (CDS) series is a breakthrough solution for holistic test of all AC and DC charging interfaces of electric vehicles (EV) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). Thanks to its modular and innovative design, you can configure the CDS to customers' specific needs to ensure an optimal price-performance ratio.

  • Automated functional, conformance, interoperability and quality testing for R&D, End-of-life (EOL) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) applications
  • Time synchronous measurement and decoding of communication and power signals
  • Scalable and futureproof hardware design for all charging protocols and power classes
  • Designed according to CharIN CCS Test System specification
  • CE and UL conformance, certified by CSA
  • Broad use by technology leading EV and EVSE manufacturers, test and certification bodies
  • Conformance testcase libraries for immediate testing of CCS, CHAdeMO, and GB/T standard
  • Low acquisition and running costs dueto replacing multiple real EV/EVSE with one sophisticated test solution


The Scienlab Charging Discovery System from Keysight covers all test areas as an all-in-one system.

  • Independent, reproducible test of any EV and EVSE charging interface through real-time emulation of all electrical interfaces of counterpart
  • Holistic test of the entire charging interface including energy transfer
  • Verification of product performance and all other requirements including fault conditions
  • Automation of complete test projects allows over night and weekend testing without user interaction
  • Concept verification of new prototypes along full operating range long before market release
  • Verification of communication controller hardware and software at the desk
  • Real-time Man-In-the-middle mode for easy analysis of interoperability issues between EV and EVSE
  • Integration into custom Hardware in the Loop (HiL) solutions through open and fully documented remote interface (LAN)


With the Charging Discovery System it is very easy to secure your charging technology products for the global market.

  • Verification of charging components for international markets through emulation of charging communication standards and low-voltage grids
  • Covers all charging and EMC standards and norms: EN 61851 -21 -2, EN 55011, CISPR 25 Ed., TL81000
  • Verification of charging columns, wall boxes, and vehicles for compliance with norms

Key Specifications

Up to 600 kW Charging Power

600 A @ 1000 V DC

Support of CCS

IEC 61851/SAE J1772, DIN SPEC 70121, and ISO 15118


CHAdeMO V0.9, V1.x and V2.0, GB/T 18487 and 27930-2011/2015 standards

Extensive Test Cases Library

for automated compliance testing of all standards

Powerful and Intuitive Software

for test analysis and system operation

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Find the Model that is Right for You

The SL1040A Scienlab Charging Discovery System Series shares the same, high-end technology and all of the models are controlled by the same intuitive software Charging Discover.

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Portable Series for EV and EVSE

  • Current up to 400 A, voltage up to 1000 V
  • Portable
  • Support of CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T
  • Real time test engine
  • Modular configurable according to your test demand (low and high power, EV and EVSE)
  • Upgradable to HPC series

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EMC Series for EV

  • Optimized EMC version that goes inside the anechoic chamber

  • Long term experience with EV and EMC testing
  • Compliant testing according to ECER10, CISPR

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EMC Series for EVSE

  • Optimized EMC version that goes inside the anechoic chamber
  • Long term experience with EVSE testing
  • Compliant testing according to ECER10, CISPR

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