What Is KeysightAccess

Subscription-based access to the best technology and expertise tailored to support your test needs.

Access Leading Technologies and Expertise to Innovate Faster

Subscription service provides the resources needed to solve engineer’s complex business and technology challenges, offering solutions that enable accelerated innovation.

  • Provides access to test instruments, software, and technical expertise
  • Maximizes test instrument and software uptime with committed technical support and repair
  • Balances technical and financial risk with flexible terms

Available in select geographies.

Keysight Care and Keysight Access diagram


Innovation today means developing better products, that meet stringent requirements, faster and at lower cost. KeysightAccess helps to achieve those goals by removing complexity and supporting your business needs to get more from your test investments. With KeysightAccess, you can manage your test business strategy with flexible budgeting using CAPEX, OPEX, or a combination. Choose from flexible 12, 24, and 36-month subscription terms.

Additionally, the included KeysightCare coverage maximizes your test system uptime and mitigates project risk with committed turnaround times for hardware, software, and technical support .

KeysightAccess Accelerates Test

Working with 5G has its challenges. Listen in as Steve Prendergast discusses how he helped a customer working in augmented reality integrate the latest 5G technology into their next-generation products.

KeysightAccess Helps Lab Managers Minimize Risk

Vijay Chitnis, KeysightAccess Global Practice Leader, outlines how companies can address equipment and business needs as a single solution, ensuring that R&D teams have the hardware and software tools required to meet their goals and bring innovative products to market on schedule.

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