Today’s mobile device users expect a superior experience — both in terms of functionality and quality of voice and data transfer. Keysight's wireless communication test systems can help you with the rigorous integration, interoperability, and carrier acceptance testing phases that mobile operators and device manufacturers require.

Master Wireless Standards Design and Test for IoT

Deciding which wireless standard to deploy is often just as challenging as designing and testing the IoT device. Keysight is here to help.

Keysight solutions speed development, performance verification, and troubleshooting of multi-mode IoT devices and systems, and wireless communications networks. Let Keysight help drive your IoT innovative to market faster, with a higher confidence of success.

Conformance Test Solution for Cellular IoT

Communication is inherent for IoT products, and regardless of where your product is in the lifecycle — from early design and verification stages to full UE certification — conformance testing and network operator acceptance testing is a critical step in bringing your product to market. You need to be sure that your product meets the standards, but also performs according to operator expectations.

Our Conformance Test System includes both RF NB-IoT and CAT-M validated test cases to 3GPP standards. We ranked first in the Global Certification Forum's (GCF) Conformance and Interoperability Agreement Group meeting (CAG#50) for most comprehensive Cellular-IoT test capabilities.

The system can also be used to stress and test the performance of your product outside the strict guidelines of the standards. It's easy to perform RF parametric testing or make block error ratio (BLER) and throughput measurements while also reviewing NAS to physical-layer operation. For more complicated tests, such as to sweep all modulations and coding schemes in an uplink, or to perform a margin search or even full system validation, the integrated Test Automation Platform simplifies the process.

Interoperability Testing

New multi-mode and dual-radio devices create interop challenges that require significant lab and field testing. Our tools enable field testing in a lab environment; we can thoroughly emulate the air channel and even perform virtual drive test while simulating dynamic mobility and cell-handover scenarios.

Keysight's solutions offer the broadest test coverage available to ensure conformance to the device acceptance programs mandated by Tier 1 mobile operators.

  • Access advanced platform for network simulation, currently used by major Tier 1 carriers in their device acceptance programs
  • Quickly evaluate devices in the integration, interoperability testing, and carrier acceptance testing phases
  • Conduct rigorous device testing to achieve superior experience in terms of functionality and quality of voice and data transfer
  • Test data performance under fading conditions using the internal fading capability

IoT Education Hub: Wireless Communication Test

Delivering the superior wireless communications experience consumers demand is hard. It requires more than a keen understanding of the challenges you’ll face, and selection of the right solutions. You need to know how to use those solutions to solve your challenges, and the best measurement tips and practices to follow.

The IoT Education Hub offers you access to the latest educational resources on wireless communications testing. Gain access to valuable “how-to” information and learn how you can ensure you are creating optimized, well managed, reliable, and secure IoT wireless communications systems.

Let Keysight’s IoT Education Hub help you realize the promise of IoT today.

Want help testing your IoT wireless communications?