Includes post-layout EM verification for high-speed serial. SIPro provides Signal Integrity analysis of complex high-speed PCBs, enabling you to ultimately extract an accurate EM model that can be used in the transient and channel simulators.


The W3624B PathWave ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + HSD Ckt Sim + SIPro includes:

  • SIPro EM analysis
  • Fast DDR Analysis
  • Transient Convolution
  • Channel Simulation

W3624B is a Signal Integrity focused bundle, additionally equipped with high-speed serial channel simulation. SIPro provides Signal Integrity analysis, enabling you to characterize loss and coupling of signal and power nets with this Power-Aware simulation engine. The resulting accurate EM model can be automatically transferred to an ADS schematic for transient and channel simulation in a seamless workflow. This bundle includes HSD Circuit sim which contains: S-parameter sim, channel sim, transient sim, Controlled Impedance Line Designer (CILD), and Via Designer.

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