• This package enables serial triggering and decode for USB 2.0 low- and full-speed, USB 2.0 hi-speed, USB power delivery (USB PD), along with the USB 2.0 signal quality test, jitter analysis, eye diagrams, mask test, and frequency response analysis capabilities
  • Verify the analog quality of signals generated by USB hubs, hosts, and devices based on USB-IF compliance standards
  • Trigger on various USB packet types including token, data, handshake, special, and various error conditions including PID, CRC, and glitch errors
  • Dual-bus decoding with time-interleaved protocol lister display
  • Serial decode trace time-correlated with USB waveforms
  • Compatible with segmented memory acquisition with decoding on every captured packet
  • Precision differential probes available
  • Easily complete jitter analysis with the automask setup, low noise, and histogram capability

The USB software package for Keysight’s InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series oscilloscopes enables USB 2.0 low-, full-, and hi-speed protocol trigger and decode, as well as USB PD (Power Delivery) trigger and decode. This package also enables other advanced analysis capabilities including USB 2.0 automated signal quality testing, jitter analysis, mask testing, and frequency response analysis (Bode plots) to help test and debug high-speed digital signals, such as USB 2.0.

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