Now it is fully firmware compatible with Keysight selected instrument (see below table), just upgrade your instrument to the compatible firmware version to start using the U2000 series USB power sensor on your instrument. Note: to use the U2000 series USB power sensor, you DO NOT need to install N1918A Power Panel onto the instrument, the instrument just requires firmware upgrade to the compatible version. Please read Compatibility of the U2000 Series USB Power Sensors with Keysight Instruments here.

Compatible Model
Compatible Firmware Version

Firmware Link

PNA-X: N5242A, PNA: E8361A/C, E8362B/C, E8363B/C, E8364B/C, PNA-L: N5230A/C A.07.50.13 and above PNA Series Firmware Upgrades
HandHeld Spectrum Analyzer: N9340A/B A.01.05 and above N9340A Firmware Upgrade Version A.01.08
MXG: N5181A/82A/83A, N5161A/62A A.01.31 and above Signal Generator Firmware / Software Update Center
Econ. Spectrum Analyzer: N9320B B.02.20 or above N9320B Spectrum Analyzer Firmware Upgrade Version B.03.25
FieldFox RF Analyzer: N9912A A.02.05 and above Keysight FieldFox - Firmware Updates History
Handheld Cable Antenna Tester: N9330 A.01.05 and above N9330A Handheld Cable and Antenna Tester Firmware A.01.65
ENA: E5071C 9.2 and above E5071C Network Analyzers Firmware Update
ENA: E5072A 1.01 and above E5072A ENA Series Network Analyzer