• For use only with Keysight BGA interposers that include RC tip network for U4164A logic analyzers.
  • Zero Ω (requires BGA interposer with RC network for U4164A designed into the BGA interposer).
  • Standard Soft Touch Pro footprint.
  • Direct connect into U4164A logic analyzer.
  • Each W6602A LPDDR4 200-ball BGA interposer requires two U4207A Zero Ω, 34-channel, Soft Touch Pro, single-ended, 4 x 160-pin direct connect probes.

The Keysight U4207A zero Ω direct connect probes are used to connect a W6602A to two U4164A analyzer modules. Two U4207A are required for each W6602A LPDDR4 rigid BGA interposer.

U4207A Single-Ended, Direct Connect Probe

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