• Covers DisplayPort UHBR10, UHBR13.5 and UHBR20
  • Supports DP, mDP and USB-C© connectors
  • Cable and test fixture embedding and de-embedding for accurate measurements
  • Test report generation in HTML and PDF formats


  • Setup wizard for guided configuration and test selection
  • Configurability of test parameters to support debug and characterization tasks
  • Switching solution for automated multilane testing
  • Remote programming toolkit to integrate in test automation environments

Use the Keysight D9042DPPC DisplayPort UHBR Tx Test Software to test, debug and characterize your DisplayPort Source products at UHBR speeds. The application automates the complex test procedures and result validation, maximizing test instrument throughput and reducing test time. 

Take test efficiency to the next level with the switching solution to eliminate the need to reconnect cables and accessories for multilane testing, preserving the integrity of your product and test equipment. Go one step further and integrate the D9042DPPC in your automated test environment. The remote programming toolkit enables full control of the application, including DUT configuration, selection of test procedures and collection of test results from a programming environment, ensuring consistent and repeatable test runs.

Use D9040DPPC and D9042DPPC for a full characterization of your DisplayPort Source product.

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Keysight D9042DPPC DisplayPort UHBR Transmitter Test Software for Infiniium V-Series, Z-Series, and UXR-Series oscilloscopes. 

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