Keysight's 802.11ax manufacturing test solutions combine multi-channel test instruments with software that supports required 802.11ax test parameters, from SISO to 8x8 MIMO. With the Keysight N7617B PathWave Signal Generation (Signal Studio) software for WLAN, users can generate waveforms for all HE PPDU formats, with flexible resource unit (RU) configurations for multi-user OFDMA, long OFDM symbols for extended range PPDU, and dual carrier modulation (DCM). The Keysight Y9077B WLAN Measurement and Waveform application for EXM allows unlimited playback of Signal Studio WLAN waveform files, and the analysis software provides automatic demodulation of single and multi-user signals, displaying results for each user’s RU allocation. System software is available to enable configuration of source and analyzer parameters in a unified user interface, making it easier to set up MIMO measurements.

The Keysight M9421A VXT PXIe Vector Transceiver combines a vector signal generator and signal analyzer in a single PXIe module, covering 60 MHz to 6 GHz frequency with up to 160 MHz bandwidth. It supports up to four channels in one PXIe chassis, and 8x8 MIMO in two synchronized chassis. The VXT provides the necessary EVM performance to meet the stringent requirements for testing 1024QAM modulation quality for validating chipsets, power amplifiers, and WLAN devices.

The Keysight E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set offers a more economical solution, with up to four TRX modules in one chassis, covering 380 MHz to 3.8 or 6 GHz, with up to 160 MHz bandwidth. Each module includes a vector signal generator and analyzer, with two full-duplex and two half-duplex or four full-duplex ports.

Both the VXT and EXM can be used with a variety of other Signal Studio and PathWave X-series Measurement Applications to test wireless technologies from Bluetooth to 5G, enabling testing of multi-format devices with the same hardware platform.

Multi-device or MIMO testing

  • Up to four TRX modules in one chassis with the E6640A EXM, or eight M9421A VXT modules in two chassis
  • Independent source and analyzer in each module
  • Connect up to 32 DUTs with multi-port adapter (MPA) technology with the EXM

Choose the performance you need

  • Receiver EVM for 80 MHz 802.11ax at 5.8 GHz: EXM offers < -47 dB (typical), VXT offers < -49 dB (nominal)
  • Source EVM for 80 MHz 802.11ax at 5.8 GHz: EXM offers < -40 dB (typical), VXT offers < -50 dB (nominal)
  • Maximum output power (CW): EXM offers +15 dBm, VXT offers +20 dBm

Software for manufacturing test

  • Y9077B WLAN Measurement and Waveform Application enables playback of waveform files created with the N7617B Signal Studio for WLAN software and modulation analysis of 802.11a/b/g/n/j/p/ac/ah/ax formats
  • Software supports creation and analysis of signals for single and multi-user 802.11ax for both downlink and uplink, including OFDMA and MU-MIMO
  • Detailed MIMO measurement results per stream and per channel, including peak and RMS EVM, IQ impairments, frequency error, and more
  • System software simplifies configuration of both source and analyzer for complex MIMO measurements
  • Compatible with some chipset vendor software tools

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