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As microwave and RF components become more complex, so do your test challenges. Wireless devices operate at even higher frequencies, requiring careful characterization to achieve faster data transmission specifications. The Keysight PNA series vector network analyzers (VNA) provide the measurement integrity you need to transform deeper insights into better designs.

In R&D, design verification, or manufacturing, PNA network analyzer solutions use highly integrated hardware and specialized software to keep you ahead of next-generation performance requirements. The flexible hardware and extensive software applications provide complex device characterization with multiple measurements over a single connection. Choose from three PNA series to find the features you need.

PNA network analyzer with frequency extenders

Characterize Broadband Millimeter-Wave Devices

Why waste time struggling to build a millimeter-wave (mm-Wave) VNA from scratch when our preconfigured test set makes it simple? Our broadband mm-Wave VNA solution includes a two-port or four-port network analyzer with the necessary mm-Wave cabling, frequency extenders, and test-set controller.

With the Keysight N5290/91A, build your solution from either a PNA or PNA-X network analyzer and get enhanced broadband mm-Wave device characterization and modeling for on-wafer and connectorized measurements.

Design and Test a Phased Array Antenna

Discover the fundamental principles behind phased array antenna design and testing, including measurement techniques and calibration. Learn how the Keysight phased array test solution integrates and synchronizes digital control of the PNA-X vector network analyzer, VXG-C vector signal generator, and a compact antenna test range (CATR) to deliver fast, fully automated measurements.

Optimize On-wafer Measurements

Highly integrated devices require more measurements with fewer connections. When full device characterization requires multiple instruments, fewer available connections present a time-consuming challenge. Significantly reduce your wafer test times with a flexible single-connection, multiple-measurement (SCCM) network analyzer.

On-wafer measurement

Accelerate the Win with KeysightCare​

As the complexity of digital and RF tests increases, elevate the productivity of your engineering teams by providing priority access to industry-leading technical experts, a comprehensive knowledge center, and committed turnaround times for repair and calibration. The instruments featured on this page include one year of KeysightCare Assured with the option to upgrade to a 3-5 year service plan. Advance your workflow with KeysightCare.  ​

  • ​Committed response time for technical support as low as 2 business hours​
  • Committed repair & calibration turnaround times as low as 5 business days​
  • Worldwide KeysightCare service and support
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