The U270xA Series USB Modular Oscilloscopes provides a power-packed range of scopes of 100 MHz and 200 MHz of bandwidth with a high sampling rate of up to 1 GSa/s and 32 MB of memory depth allowing more details to be viewed in a longer time frame.

The U2500A Series USB digitizers is a better solution when speed is concerned digital multi-meters do not sample fast enough or oscilloscopes do not provide the right resolution for your test. The digitizer products offer the benefits of high sampling rate and resolution to provide an accurate waveform analysis capability. These versatile modules are able to work as standalone instruments or as modular devices (when used with the U2781A product chassis).

These modules are ideal for applications that require high sampling rates per channel such as transient signal analysis or simultaneous acquisition of data for phase sensitive applications.


  • Up to 200 MHz of Bandwidth, High Sampling Rate of 1 GSa/s interleaved, and 32 MB of Memory Depth for the U270xA Series USB Scopes.
  • Simultaneous Sampling with up to 2MSa/s/ch for the U2500A Series USB Simultaneous Multifunction modules.
  • Each U2500A Series Simultaneous Multifunction module comes with 4 Analog Input channels with 14 to 16- bit resolution, 2 Analog Output channels, 24-bit programmable digital input/output.
  • High-speed USB 2.0, USBTMC-USB488 standard (compatible with Microsoft® Windows® operating systems).
  • Functions as a standalone or modular unit.
  • Easy to use bundled software.
  • Compatible with a wide range of ADEs, including Keysight VEE, LabVIEW and Microsoft® Visual Studio®.

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