Meet the SL104XX Series

The Scienlab Dynamic DC Emulator provides an all-in-one system for efficient and effective testing of the power electronic components in electric vehicles (EV) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

  • Test your power electronics and charging technology efficiently
  • Covers high voltage and 48 V applications testing
  • Capable to perform bi-directional mode testing, enabling EV emulation as a sink, or charging infrastructure as a source
  • Capable of real-time test
  • Emulate any EV and EVSE through an openly accessible state machine
  • Increase the power through parallel connection of several emulators

High Performance System for All Your Applications

Use the Scienlab Dynamic DC Emulator Series from Keysight for various applications:

  • Test power electronic components and systems for maximum failure safety, energy efficiency, and quality
  • Emulate batteries using an integrated battery model
  • Test in bi-directional mode, enable EV emulation as a sink, or charging infrastructure as a source to investigate their interoperability in combination with the Scienlab Charging Discovery System (CDS) from Keysight
  • Validate the DC charging processes
 Inverter test in the laboratory

Key Specifications

High-Power Series

up to 1000 V, 1800 A, 360 kW

48 V Series

up to 80 V, 1200 A, 44 kW

Voltage / Current Accuracy

± 0.05% of setpoint ± 0.02% FS

Energy Efficiency

> 90%

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