Extract industry-standards ASM-HEMT and the MVSG GaN RF models with state-of-the-art example flows and extensive documentation.


The W7324B PathWave IC-CAP CMC GaN RF Modeling Add-on includes:

  • Advanced Spice Model for High Electron Mobility Transistors or ASM-HEMT Model
  • MIT Virtual Source GaN Model or MVSG_CMC Model

The W7324B IC-CAP CMC GaN RF Modeling Add-on provides extraction flows for two physics-based models for GaN devices for RF applications. Both models were recently accepted as industry-standard by the Compact Model Coalition (CMC) in 2017.

The models cover both high-frequency (RF) and high-voltage (power electronics) applications. As physics-based models, they may lend insight to GaN process developers. For example, process engineers may learn the benefits of increased mobility or reduced contact resistance on overall power amplifier efficiency. Thus, circuit and system performance connects to foundry process improvements via physics-based device modeling parameters.

The RF GaN toolkit introduced in PathWave Device Modeling (IC-CAP) 2020 serves as an excellent starting point for the extraction of ASM-HEMT and MVSG model parameters. In a single platform, one can initiate measurements, bring the data into the IC-CAP platform, extract model parameters, export the resultant model card to Advanced Design Systems (ADS) or any other simulator that can run these models. The toolkit features two example flows, one for the MVSG and one for the ASM-HEMT.

The W7324B requires the following products:

  • W7001E PathWave IC-CAP Core Environment
  • W7010E PathWave IC-CAP Simulation and Analysis

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