PathWave WaferPro for automated wafer-level measurement. All measurement drivers are included. Python/PEL programming enables custom measurement algorithms and drivers.


The W7311B PathWave IC-CAP Wafer Professional Measurement includes:

  • Over 50 turnkey measurement drivers fully optimized for speed.
  • Support for most industry-standard probers from Form Factor, MPI, Accretech, TEL, and others
  • Wafer Map support
  • Extensive library of measurement algorithms
  • Python/PEL Programming Environment to create custom measurement and post-process algorithms

The IC-CAP Wafer Professional (WaferPro) Measurement Bundle includes all the products needed to run wafer-level automated DC/CV and RF measurements with WaferPro. This bundle consists of three elements: the W7001E IC-CAP Core Environment, the W7015E Instrument Connectivity, and the W7014E Wafer Professional. The core license enables access to the IC-CAP Platform basic features, such as Python, GPIB communications for probers and thermal chucks drivers, and graphics. The instrument connectivity provides access to  DC Analyzers, Network Analyzers, LCRZ, and Keysight Parametric Systems built-in drivers. Finally, the bundle also includes the W8510EP IC-CAP Wafer professional, enabling users to organize and run automated on-wafer test plans.

To perform simulations and optimization either within IC-CAP or to run the WaferPro test plan in "simulation" mode, add the W7001EP PathWave IC-CAP Simulation and Analysis License.

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