The W7026E PathWave IC-CAP HiSIM_HV Model Extraction Package provides measurement and extraction procedures for the HiSIM_HV industry-standard model for MOSFET devices.


The W7026E PathWave IC-CAP HiSIM_HV Model Extraction Package includes:

  • DC, CV, and RF extraction for HiSIM_HV, including  high-frequency effects
  • Robust, direct extraction procedures find the best initial values for optimizers, thereby removing the need for excessive optimization and tuning steps
  • Flexible, customizable extraction flow
  • Windows-style data visualization, optimization, and tuning
  • Shared user interface environment with other extraction CMOS extraction products
  • Target and Corner Modeling
  • Binning model support

HiSIM_HV, an industry-standard HVMOS model, was developed by Hiroshima University in Japan in collaboration with the Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center (STARC). The model addresses both symmetrical HVMOS and asymmetrical Laterally Diffused MOS LDMOS devices used in RF power applications. It also includes other typical high-voltage effects such as region resistance, quasi-saturation effects, and self-heating.

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