W5309B is the most powerful PathWave RF Synthesis bundle to acquire comprehensive RF circuit and system design capabilities for RF board implementation.


The W5309B PathWave RF Synthesis Core, Synthesis, Circuit, System, Modulated-RF, EM includes:

  • Core environment, Linear Simulator, Schematic, Data Display, Layout, Instrument Link, MATLAB script
  • All inclusive RF circuit synthesis, circuit, system, modulated RF and EM simulation
  • Most cost-effective RF circuit and system design bundle

Core, Synthesis, Circuit, System, Modulated RF, EM is the most powerful and best selling Pathwave RF Synthesis bundle. No competing products in the industry can match its comprehensive set of RF synthesis and simulation capabilities at this price point. Intuitive easy-to-use enviroment enables fast, accurate design of RF circuits, systems and planar antennas. The Modulated RF simulator predicts and diagnoses error vector magnitude (EVM) impairments for optimal system design with digitally modulated RF sources. Supports Keysight frequency dependent nonlinear X- and Sys-parameters to accurately model off-the-shelf components in simulation for rapid hardware realization.

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