The W5305B enables comprehensive synthesis of RF circuits with EM-circuit co-simulation to account for EM effects (coupling, reflection & radiation).


The W5305B PathWave RF Synthesis Core, Synthesis, Circuit, EM includes:

  • Core environment, Linear Simulator, Schematic, Data
  • Display, Layout, Instrument Link, MATLAB Scripting
  • Nonlinear harmonic balance and transient circuit simulators
  • 3D planar EM Simulator
  • 12 automatic RF circuit synthesis, e.g. filters and match

Core, all circuit Synthesis, time/frequency domain circuit simulators and 3D planar electromagnetic simulator (Momentum) enables automatic synthesis of RF circuits with lumped and distributed elements. Automatic EM-circuit co-simulation accounts for the EM effects of physical layout (e.g. solder pads, junction discontinuities, vias and transmission lines) on linear and nonlinear RF circuit performance. Predict planar antenna characteristics such as gain, sidelobe levels and impedance. Interactive cut planes and 3D visualization of animated surface currents enable troubleshooting and correction of undesired EM effects such as coupline, reflection and radiation before hardware fabrication to avoid costly rework and iterations.

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