Core + 12 automatic circuit Synthesis tools: Matching, Filters (lumped, distributed, active, custom), Oscillators, Mixers, Signal control (splitters, couplers, attenuators), PLL, Transmission lines, Vendor parts discrete R,L,C selection, Equalizer.


The W5301B PathWave RF Synthesis Core + Synthesis + Circuit + EM includes:

  • 12 automatic RF synthesis is the widest coverage of passive/active circuit synthesis in the industry
  • Shorten routine but difficult design tasks from hrs to mins, e.g. complex broadband impedance match; custom filter response; discrete RLC values

Pathwave RF Synthesis Core + Synthesis provides the industry’s widest coverage of passive and active circuit synthesis capabilities. The synthesis modules create high-performance circuits, shorten routine design tasks from hours to minutes, and enable fast make-or-buy decisions on RF components. All 12 automatic RF circuit synthesis modules are included in the Synthesis add on to the Core capabilities.

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