• Fast one-button, standard-based measurements with pass/fail tests.
  • 802.16 OFDMA measurement per IEEE 802.16 2005 standard.


  • RCE (EVM), RSSI, preamble PCINR, subcarrier flatness, IQ metrics.
  • Time-gated power measurements: SEM, ACP, and channel power.
  • Center frequency tolerance, symbol clock frequency tolerance, power rise/fall.
  • Delivers relative constellation error (RCE) in multiple levels (composite, pilot, data burst, un-modulated, and preamble).

Other Features

  • License key upgradeable
  • Transportable license
  • SCPI remote user interface

The U9075A Mobile WiMAX™ measurement application is for the EXT wireless communications test set. It provides fast, standard-based, one-button measurements, and modulation analysis capability to speed calibration and verification of your devices and modules for next-generation manufacturing test. The EXT's flexible test sequencer allows calibration and verification to be performed by high-speed single acquisition and use multiple measurement techniques for faster analysis and breakthrough testing speed.

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