DDR5 Bundle HW items:

  • Qty(1) U4164A logic analyzer module with following options: Qty(1) U4164A-02G to increase maximum speeds to 4GT/s, Qty(1) U4164A-008 to increase maximum memory depth to 8Mb
  • Qty(1) M9502A AXIe 2-slot chassis with embedded system module (ESM) USB option
  • Qty(1) M9537A AXIe high performance embedded controller, with keyboard, mouse, and Windows 10 options

DDR5 Bundle SW Items:

  • Qty(1) B4661A Memory Analysis Software
  • Qty(1) each licensed options: B4661A-1FP, B4661A-2FP, B4661A-3FP, B4661A-4FP, B4661A-5FP

DDR5 Bundle Probing:

  • Qty(1) U4206A Probe, 34 Channel Soft Touch Pro 4 x 160-pin Direct Connect

The U4970A DDR5 Bundle provides software applications, probing and hardware options for DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, and DDR5 debug, compliance validation, and analysis. The U4970A bundle includes systemization of hardware (modules installed into chassis) and software loaded onto the M9537A controller.

The U4970A includes a 3-year KeysightCare extended warranty on U4164A, M9505A, and M9537A. All other hardware line items and accessories include a 1-year warranty. Included software application licenses are node locked perpetual licenses.

Users supply monitor and video cable.


Key Specifications

Number of Channels
136 channels
Max Memory Depth
400 Mpts
Number of Channels
Max Memory Depth
136 channels
400 Mpts
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Max Memory Depth:
400 Mpts
Number of Channels:
136 channels

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