U4431U is the model number used for all upgrades to the U4431A Exerciser.


Power to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s designs

  • Up to Gear 3 HS data rates
  • Up to 16 GB trace depth
  • Up to 4 data lanes

Complete insight into complex designs

  • Track multiple M-PHY busses from the PHY to the application layer
  • Raw Mode 8b/10b data views
  • Infiniium Oscilloscope integration
  • Powerful interface that allows unlimited customization of system views

Powerful triggers

  • N-way if/then/else trigger branching with AND/OR logic
  • Over 50 triggering macros
  • PHY and protocol error triggers
  • Event counters, flags, and timers

Flexible probing

  • U4433A high-Z flying leads (connects to N5426A ZIF tips)
  • U4432A low-Z SMA interface

Extend the Capabilities of Your Product

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