Meet the SL1041B

The Scienlab Dynamic DC Emulator (DCE) Mid-Power Series from Keysight provides up to five power stages, called Regenerative Power Systems (RP7900 Series). It is a family of bi-directional, regenerative DC power supplies. The regenerative capability enables the energy normally consumed to be returned to the power grid cleanly, saving energy consumption and cooling costs.

Additionally, by combining the seamless source and load functionality into a compact 3U-high package, you save energy, floor space, and integration time.

With the Scienlab Dynamic DC Emulator Mid-Power Series, test your charging technology efficiently. The emulator can be used in combination with the Scienlab Charging Discovery System (CDS) to act as a DC power source (EVSE emulation) or to act as an electronic load, replacing a battery pack and feeding energy back to the power grid (EV emulation).

  • Provides up to 950 V DC, ±100 A, and 50 kW (for a fully equipped rack with a total of five RPS units)
  • Create a total power or loading of up to 150 kW (±300 A DC) through easy paralleled connections of three fully equipped racks
  • Maximize throughput with fast output speed and sub-millisecond command-processing time
  • Reduce the cost of cooling and electricity with an eco-friendly, regenerative design

High Performance System for All Your Applications

Use the Scienlab Dynamic DC Emulator Series from Keysight for various applications:

  • Test power electronic components and systems for maximum failure safety, energy efficiency, and quality
  • Emulate batteries using an integrated battery model
  • Test in bi-directional mode, enable EV emulation as a sink, or charging infrastructure as a source to investigate their interoperability in combination with the Scienlab Charging Discovery System (CDS) from Keysight
  • Validate the DC charging processes
 Inverter test in the laboratory

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