• Provides an intuitive user interface for mixer / converter measurements
  • Offers frequency-offset sweep
  • Enables match-corrected conversion loss measurements
  • Controls external signal generators and power meters

Use the S96082B to measure the harmonics of mixers / frequency converters and amplifiers using the ENA-X or ENA vector network analyzer (VNA). The frequency offset mode (FOM) provides the capability to tune the VNA’s receivers to different frequencies from the source. This enables the measurement of an amplifier’s harmonic responses and a mixer / converter’s conversion loss.

The software delivers the highest accuracy for scalar conversion-loss / -gain measurements by removing mismatch errors. It controls the network analyzer’s built-in source or external signal generators for use as LO signals.

The S96082B software application also measures the mixer’s phase or group delay by characterizing a reference mixer that is connected in series with the mixer under test and mathematically de-embedded.

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