• Provides nonlinear DUT behavior (EVM, NPR, and ACPR) under modulated signal conditions.
  • Uses vector error correction and VNA calibration to reduce error and provide very low residual system EVM.
  • Covers frequencies up to 20 GHz.
  • Offers coherent measurements with multiple receivers for fast measurements.

The Keysight S960704B modulation distortion software application enables fast and accurate active device modulation distortion characterization under modulated signal conditions up to 20 GHz. The wide dynamic range and vector error correction of the ENA-X yield an extremely low residual EVM of the test setup, delivering a complete picture of your device’s signal distortion performance without test system interference. S960704B software measures EVM, NPR, ACPR, and decomposes linear and nonlinear signals by spectrally correlating input and output spectrum without needing to demodulate. Integration with the ENA-X measurement flexibility enables quick modulated signal distortion measurements along with traditional VNA tests.

The E5081A hardware options 2K6 or 4K6 are highly recommended when using software S960704B (MOD). While these internal hardware options are not required in running the MOD application, without them the setup requires external components and is complex.  Options 2K6 or 4K6 greatly simplify the measurements. Modulation distortion for converters (MOD-X) requires S96083B, vector and scalar mixer/converter measurements software. S96082B scalar mixer/converter measurement software is not sufficient to run MOD-X. S96083B is required.

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E5081A ENA-X network analyzer modulation distortion application software

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