• Removes active device and system interaction and precisely calculate the active parameters and output power into a 50 ohm environment
  • Operation is restricted to 50 GHz
  • Removes system-to-system correlation problems.
  • Use X-parameter technology
  • Provide various traces for detail analysis:
              o Hot S11/12/21/22, hot gain, hot match
              o Input/output power
              o Coefficient (output, direct reflection, image reflection)
              o Gamma-optimum, etc.

S93111B active hot parameters for PNA-X Series provides a more accurate method to test hot S-parameters, gain and output power than traditional methods by utilizing the X-parameter technology. It removes the active device and system interaction to precisely calculate the active parameters and output power into a nominal 50 ohm environment. The advanced theory removes system-to-system correlation problems. It also provides coefficients of equation to calculate linear and non-linear device performance of gamma-opt (optimum), optimal load match and maximum delivered power to optimum load. A total of 14 traces (parameters) are available with various sweep types, such as frequency sweep, power sweep, or two-dimensional frequency and power sweep. Operation of S93111B is restricted to 50 GHz. Requires PNA-X models 4-port configuration (N524xB Option 401, 417, 419, 422, 423, and 425(LFE)). With Option 425, S93111B can run from 10 MHz and LFE hardware is not supported.

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