• Fast and convenient measurements with GCA's SMART Sweep.
  • Highly accurate results with a guided calibration - power and mismatch correction.
  • Complete amplifier and frequency converter characterization with 2-dimensional (2D) sweeps, choice of sweep frequency per power, or sweep power per frequency.
  • Flexibility with a variety of compression algorithms - compression from linear gain, maximum gain, or X/Y compression.

The S93086B adds the software capabilities for the gain compression application (GCA). GCA provides fast and accurate input power, output power, gain, and phase at the compression point of an amplifier or frequency converter, over a specified frequency and power range, with a simple setup. GCA eliminates the problems of lengthy test times and inconvenient setups by providing SMART Sweep that is easy-to-use, fast and accurate. GCA also includes a guided calibration that corrects for absolute power levels, frequency response, and mismatch errors. S93086B is equivalent to Option 086 available on PNA/PNA-X A model Series network analyzers.

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S96086A Gain-Compression Measurements

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