The S8825A Satellite and Aerospace Channel Emulation Toolset is based on Keysight's F8800A F64 or F8820A FS16 PROPSIM channel emulator. The toolset enables satellite, aerospace, and airborne radio system performance validation under uncompromised, coherent real-world complex 3D propagation conditions.

Today’s space applications introduce new advanced technologies including wider signal bandwidths, higher frequencies, and beamforming. To address associated complexities, Keysight introduced the first-to-market channel emulation solution that offers the widest signal bandwidth and the highest number of fading channels to test performance of 5G NTN aerospace and terrestrial links in a single unit.

Performance validation of a high velocity aerospace environment requires a test environment that emulates high Doppler frequencies and supports long delays, both common in satellite links. The PROPSIM Channel Emulation Solution allows users to create high-velocity test environments that meet the highest requirements. With the solution, users can create test scenarios using PROPSIM tools or import scenarios from third-party tools. By using a file-based emulation of test scenarios, Keysight’s PROPSIM Channel Emulation Solution assures accurate, realistic and repeatable test conditions for wireless aerospace, telemetry, satellite and high mobility broadband communications applications.

PROPSIM RF channel emulators meet the highest requirements for creating accurate, realistic, and repeatable radio channel conditions. By combining the PROPSIM channel emulator with Keysight E7770A Common Interface Unit and Keysight’s remote radio head (M1740A mmWave Transceiver for 5G), the solution extends to also address frequencies in 6-12GHz and mmWave 24/28/37/44GHz bands.

F9860A Channel Studio

Keysight’s F9860A Channel Studio is a state-of-the-art radio propagation channel modeling software for real-time testing and performance evaluation of devices, radio systems, and transceivers. It simplifies the creation of multi-link test scenarios for wireless testing and special radio systems testing. Channel Studio supports user-defined 3D spatial scenarios and dynamic modeling of movement for 5G testing:

  • 3GPP 38.901 CDL FR1 and FR2 models
  • UMi, UMa, O2I and I2O
  • SCME

The F9860A Channel Studio supports importing 3D antenna models. It offers 3GPP-defined channel models to test V2X safety applications as well as for on board Wi-Fi and cellular connection. In addition, device-to-device topologies are supported. The F9860A Channel Studio provides an interface to import data, which allows advanced users to bring test scenarios from external simulation tools.

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