S8711A UXM 5G Test Application is an interactive real-time testing tool that covers the full chipset and device development workflow from early prototype testing through integration and verification.

S8711A UXM 5G Application provides a comprehensive suite of tools for network emulation, RF and Functional testing, allowing a high level of autonomy in configuration and parametrization.

The Test Application Framework is an easy to use interface through which the user can handle all operations related to emulation and testing accross all scenarios. Powerful GUI, log viewer and remote control through SCPI interface.

Future proof:

  • Supporting UXM 5G on array to achieve the widest range of real network 5G NR NSA and SA, TDD, FDD, LTE, C-V2x and C-IoT
  • The strongest processing capacity in the market, dynamic port mapping, up to 800MHz per port

Most Complete Coverage for Functional & RF Measurements Testing:

  • 100% COVERAGE 3GPP compliance and beyond
  • Quick config tools to facilitate operation, ease of use interface
  • RF testing: MIMO, Carrier Aggregation, FR1, FR2, FDD, TDD. UE's receiver reports in real-time for each RAT and CC: BLER/HARQ, Flexible scheduler, AWGN, Fading
  • Functional testing: E2E Data Throughput, Voice/Vide with integrated IMS, Battery Drain
  • Ensure your Internet of Things devices meet requirements for stability, power consumption, and interoperability

S8711A UXM 5G Test Application is part of Keysight's 5G Network Emulation Solutions portfolio. It is a comprehensive testing tool for technical users that need to fully control the network environment and validate customized testing campaigns through RF Performance % Functional KPI.

S8711A UXM 5G Test Application is a transversal and scalable tool from development to acceptance. It represents the baseline fro growth and evolving technology. Therefore, it can be used alone running on the UXM 5G unit or as a component of certain 5G NES Toolsets. It easily escalates with all SW Solutions on a common hardware and software platform.



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