Streamline OPEX with autonomous measurements tying less resources to inspect sites and conduct measurements

Unattended 24/7 measurements of wireless networks, without the cost of staff.

  • Unattended measurements combined with optional remote control bring flexibility and efficiency into customers’ measurement processes - directly streamlining OPEX
  • Cost-effective, enabling remote-controlled measurements without the need for a supervising drive test engineer on the field

Ensure the quality of wireless network

  • Unattended process enables continuous, large-scale network monitoring with continuous awareness of problems in your network
  • Data processing chain from the field to an open workbook with analysis results completely automated

Support for latest technologies

  • Nemo Autonomous Probe supports all major technologies and latest smartphones
  • Service measurements for data and voice are also supported, like POLQA voice quality measurements, HTTP, FTP, HTML, and Social Media Tests

Nemo Autonomous Probe - Unattended 24/7 measurements of wireless networks

Nemo Autonomous Probe is an ideal solution for performing automated, unattended large-scale measurements. It can be deployed in vehicles and fixed locations. Nemo Autonomous Probe is available in two versions, employing either one (1UE) or up to four (4UE) handsets equipped with Nemo Handy Autonomous software and an uplink modem with continuous data connectivity to a remote server.

Nemo Autonomous Probe combines detailed and comprehensive air interface measurements with economy and proven, automated functionality. With Nemo Autonomous Probe, operators and national regulators can install measurement and benchmarking field units in fixed locations, in hotspots, or vehicles and conduct continuous measurement of wireless networks. The majority of the costs of traditional drive testing come from the car, driver, and the in-car technician. With Nemo Autonomous Probe, unattended measurement field units can be deployed in existing transportation fleets, such as taxis, buses, and trains, without need for dedicated field personnel, reducing the cost of testing.

Wide technology support

Nemo Autonomous Probe supports all major technologies and latest smartphones. Available application testing options include voice calls, FTP/HTTP data transfers, HTML browsing, YouTube video streaming, Facebook testing, LinkedIn testing, Twitter testing, Instagram testing, SMS & MMS messaging, and ping. In addition, POLQA and PESQ voice quality testing are supported.

Nemo Autonomous Probe has been designed to fully integrate the best-in-class post-processing capabilities of Nemo Analyze and Nemo WindCatcher, enabling, for example, full automation of the entire data processing chain from the field to a complete report.

Easy installation and usage

The tools can be installed in fixed locations or moving vehicles, or deployed as handset-only, requiring no permanent installation. Using Nemo Cloud, a single user is able to monitor and control numerous fixed and mobile field units from a centralized location, enabling operators to decrease the reaction time to network problems, and to improve network service levels faster than before. Since there is no need to operate the measurement tool in the field, the field units can be managed by a driver without RF/engineering knowledge.

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