Ensure competitiveness of your wireless network to optimize customer satisfaction and minimize churn

  • Measure, optimize and benchmark all wireless networks – from customer / QoE perspective – in one test drive

Vehicle installed benchmarking solution for comparing multiple wireless operator networks against each other

  • Comparing / benchmarking multiple wireless networks and technologies simultaneously
  • System capacity enables conducting all measurements in one drive test
  • Accurate, easy to install and use, power efficient
  • Designed for testing and benchmarking high data rates, such as LTE Cat 16 and beyond

Scalable and versatile

  • Supports up to 50 smartphones and 4 scanning receivers
  • Rugged hardware with innovative thermal design enables longer, more reliable uninterrupted measurements
  • Wireless connectivity to management PC
  • Built-in KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse)

Wide application testing

  • Ability to compare how actual services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and Instagram work from an end-user perspective using on-device measurements
  • Ability to test any application for limited set of parameters using automated scripts

Supports latest wireless technologies

  • LTE & LTE-A (Cat 6-16, VoLTE/ ViLTE, VoWiFi/ViWiFi, and eMBMS testing), HSPA+ DC, WCDMA, GSM, 1xEVDO, CDMA, iDEN, WiMAX, TD-SCDMA, TETRA
  • Support for POLQA & PESQ voice quality testing and PEVQ-S streaming video analysis

Benchmarking wireless networks against each other

Nemo Invex II is an accurate, efficient, easy-to-use, and application-rich benchmarking system for wireless networks. The platform supports latest technologies such as LTE-A 3 carrier aggregation, LTE Cat 16 devices, VoLTE/ ViLTE, VoWiFi/ViWiFi, and eMBMS testing. Nemo Invex II comes with wide a wide range of application testing capabilities, enabling to compare how actual services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and Instagram work from an end-user perspective.

Nemo Invex II mobile benchmarking system combines powerful intuitive software and scalable hardware to create a superior solution for benchmarking wireless networks and devices. Quick and easy to deploy, Nemo Invex II provides critical quality-of-service (QoS) measurements and a wide variety of quality-of-experience (QoE) service testing, including the latest voice, video quality and video streaming quality measurement algorithms such as PESQ. POLQA, and PEVQ-S.

Powerful, scalable system

Nemo Invex II enables testing with up to 50 test devices simultaneously with lower power consumption per device, giving operators, network vendors, regulators, and contractors the possibility to benchmark voice and data services of all major wireless technologies in one test drive. The optional Keysight proprietary media router (patent pending) communications interface and application developed for Android and iPhone smartphones, reduces the total power consumption of the benchmarking system as fewer PC modules (UICs) are needed.

With the optional media router functionality integrated into Nemo Invex II, the smartphone measurement results reflect the real end-user experience. This gives customers the tools to understand their wireless network quality compared to competitors from end consumer perspective – giving them insight into where to troubleshoot and optimize the network based on the results, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

For more information about Nemo RF Network Solutions, please visit Keysight Nemo Wireless Network Solutions.

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