What's New With N9933C Software?

Pulse Generator
Option 357

Built-in pulse signal generator up to 54 GHz, supports analog modulations and user-defined pulse sequences, enabling signal generation in FieldFox.

Interference Finder 
Option 366

Identify and locate the source of unwanted emitters and interfering signals using manual signal triangulation to automatically map bearings.

Time Difference of Arrival
Option 390

Determine the location of an unknown signal source using several networked FieldFox analyzers with synchronized GPS signals.

Spectrum Management 

Control your spectrum, measure utilization, and identify interference, all in a single platform. Use FieldFox for spectrum, spectrum monitoring.


Enable deeper insights in measurement and analysis by expanding the capabilities of your FieldFox handheld analyzer with field-upgradeable software licenses. These capabilities are engineered to deliver benchtop results into the field.

  • Handle routine maintenance and in-depth troubleshooting with one instrument
  • Maximize performance with a spectrum analyzer, built-in power meter, vector voltmeter, and more
  • Order with a new instrument or upgrade an existing instrument

Base model includes a spectrum analyzer (SA).

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Spectrum Analysis

Extended range transmission

209 – Extended Range Transmission Analysis (ERTA)

Measure the scalar transmission gain or loss of waveguide systems, mixers, converters, and long cables where the two ends cannot easily meet.

Generator tracking measurement

220 – Full-band Tracking Generator

Elevate your Spectrum Analyzer with the dynamic tracking generator for precise frequency tracking in SA mode.


235 – Pre-amplifier

Increase spectrum analyzer sensitivity and reduce the DANL.

Interference Analyzer and Spectrogram

236 – Interference Analyzer and Spectrogram

Identify interfering signals quickly and accurately using the spectrogram or waterfall display. Record traces over time and store for offline processing.

Spectrum Analyzer Time Gating

238 – Spectrum Analyzer Time Gating

Measure the spectrum of a periodic signal during a specified time interval.

Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA)

350 – Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA)

Use gap-free, real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) with 100 MHz of real-time bandwidth to capture small and intermittent signals masked by larger signals.

IQ analysis

351 – I/Q analyzer (IQA)

Demodulate I/Q data and verify final signal chain integration or troubleshoot signal quality degradation due to hardware or software issues.

IQ Streaming Software

353 – IQ Streaming

Provide gapless IQ data to external application software to perform spectrum monitoring, demodulation, and decoding.

Analog Demodulation

355 – Analog Demodulation

Demodulate and characterize AM and FM signals of radio transmitters.

Noise Figure (NF) Software

356 – Noise Figure (NF)

Characterize devices like low noise amplifiers, frequency converters, and receivers with portable, one-button Y-factor noise figure and gain measurements.

electromagnetic interference

361 – Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Measurements

Evaluate EMI pre-compliance limits, perform equipment or network regulatory audits, and troubleshoot circuit boards.

interference finder

366 – Interference Finder

Perform last mile detection of an unknown signal source using manual signal triangulation.


390 – Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA)

Determine the location of an unknown signal source using several networked FieldFox analyzers with synchronized GPS signals.

5G / LTE Field Test

Channel Scanner

312 – Channel Scanner

Verify signal coverage, detect interference, and optimize network performance using simultaneous channel power measurements for up to 20 channels.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Measurements

358 – Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Measurements

Evaluate total RF exposure levels. Verify compliance with regulatory and government requirements using a triaxial isotropic antenna.

Over-the-Air (OTA) LTE FDD

370 – Over-the-Air (OTA) LTE FDD

Analyze LTE FDD cell information transmitted over-the-air and optimize inter-RAT handovers for overlapping 5G and LTE networks.

Over-the-air (OTA) LTE TDD

371 – Over-the-air (OTA) LTE TDD

Uncover the 4G cells available at a specific frequency or component carrier for LTE signals using the time division duplex frame structure. 

Over-the-air (OTA) 5G NR

378 – Over-the-air (OTA) 5G NR

Measure and decode 5G NR signal quality metrics to verify the 5G coverage at FR1 or FR2 frequencies.

Analysis Bandwidth, 40 MHz

B04 – Analysis Bandwidth, 40 MHz

Optimize signal analysis for communication signals like scalable multi-channel LTE with 40 MHz bandwidth.

120 MHz Bandwidth

B10 – Analysis Bandwidth, 120 MHz

Enable quantifications for bandwidth-hungry modern signals such as in 5G NR and satellite communications with 120 MHz bandwidth.

Power Measurements

USB Power Measurements versus Frequency

208 – USB Power Measurements versus Frequency

Characterize the scalar transmission response of devices such as mixers and converters using USB power sensor measurements versus frequency.

USB Power Sensor Support

302 – USB Power Sensor Support

Characterize RF pulses such as those used in radar and electronic warfare systems using a USB peak power sensor.

Built-in Power Meter

310 – Built-in Power Meter

Make accurate, user-definable channel power measurements such as transmitter output power without additional external hardware.

Pulse Measurement with USB Peak Power Sensor

330 – Pulse Measurement with USB Peak Power Sensor

Efficiently characterize pulsed RF signals by leveraging a Keysight USB peak power sensor.


Remote Control Capability

030 – Remote Control Capability

View and control FieldFox remotely using an iOS device or an Android device.

GPS Receiver

307 – GPS Receiver

Attach geolocation tags to measurements with a built-in GNSS/GPS receiver.

DC Bias Variable Voltage Source

309 – DC Bias Variable Voltage Source

Provide power to amplifiers under test and bias tower-mounted amplifiers.

Indoor and Outdoor Mapping

352 – Indoor and Outdoor Mapping

Import indoor and outdoor maps for data collection and plotting to the map.


357 – Pulse Generator

Built-in pulse signal generator up to 54 GHz, supports analog modulations and user-defined pulse sequences, enabling signal generation in FieldFox.

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