Enable deeper insights in measurement and analysis by expanding the capabilities of your FieldFox handheld analyzer with field-upgradeable software licenses. These capabilities are engineered to deliver benchtop results into the field.

  • Handle routine maintenance and in-depth troubleshooting with one instrument
  • Maximize performance with network analyzer, built-in power meter, vector voltmeter, and more
  • Order with a new instrument or upgrade an existing instrument
Base model includes a vector network analyzer (VNA).


Cable, Antenna, & Network Analysis

010 – VNA Time Domain

Display reflection or transmission coefficients in the time domain and remove unwanted responses with time-domain gating.

112 – QuickCall

Enable hassle-free calibration in the field for network analysis with no mechanical standards required.

210 – VNA Transmission/Reflection

Use vector network analyzer mode to measure transmission and reflection (S21 and S11) magnitude and phase.

211 – VNA Full 2-Port S-Parameters

Enable vector network analyzer mode to measure all four S-parameters (S21, S11, S12, S22) magnitude and phase.

212 – 1-Port Mixed-Mode S-Parameters

Make balanced, mixed-mode S-parameter reflection measurements (Scc11, Sdd11, Scd11, Sdc11) with network analyzer mode.

305 – Cable and Antenna Analyzer

Troubleshoot and maintain the performance of RF cables and antennas.

308 – Vector Voltmeter

Measure the phase shift and elctrical length of a device and view the results on the large display from a distance.

Power Measurements

208 – USB Power Measurements versus Frequency

Characterize the scalar transmission response of devices such as mixers and converters using USB power sensor measurements versus frequency.

302 – USB Power Sensor Support

Characterize RF pulses such as those used in radar and electronic warfare systems using a USB peak power sensor.

310 – Built-in Power Meter

Make accurate, user-definable channel power measurements such as transmitter output power with no additional external hardware.

330 – Pulse Measurement with USB Peak Power Sensor

Efficiently characterize pulsed RF signals by leveraging a Keysight USB peak power sensor.


030 – Remote Control Capability

View and control FieldFox remotely using an iOS device.

307 – GPS Receiver

Attach geolocation tags to measurements with a built-in GNSS/GPS receiver.

309 – DC Bias Variable Voltage Source

Provide power to amplifiers under test and bias tower mounted amplifiers.

Learn more about each software option in the Technical Overview.

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