The N5991PC4A is the receiver test automation software for bit error ratio testers, allowing you to test, debug and characterize PCI Express 4.0 CEM Add-In Cards and systems.


Test, Debug and Characterize With Ease
The Keysight N5991PC4A Receiver Test Automation Software maximizes the throughput of your test instruments, helping you test, debug and characterize your PCI Express 4.0 CEM add-in cards and systems easily with an intuitive user interface. The software automates the stress signal calibration and receiver test procedures, replacing the human factor with consistency and repeatability. Link Equalization tests can be added with the N5991PA3A-ADD license. During the process, the software generates test reports that can be exported in HTML or Microsoft™ Excel format for further data analysis.
  • Guided setup with automated receiver stress signal calibration and compliance test procedures
  • One-button compliance capability to simplify test process
  • Expert mode for beyond-compliance testing and characterization
  • HTML and/or Microsoft Excel reports for easy post-processing
  • N5991PL4A PCI Express 4.0 Link Training Suite and Debug Tool available to investigate RX test issues easily and create custom link training sequences
Complete your PCI Express 4.0 test station with the Keysight N5991PL4A PCI Express 4.0 Link Training Suite and Debug Tool, a software designed to ease creation of the static training sequences. This tool allows you to fine-adjust the link training sequence to meet the needs of your product and generates a script that you can export and use directly in the PCI Express RX Test Automation Software. Additionally, this tool provides the most used BERT functions for PCI Express RX testing enabling more efficient debugging.
Expand test coverage to other PCI Express form factor devices like ASICs, U.2 and M.2 as well as other PCI Express specification revisions with additional test licenses of the N5991P PCI Express receiver Test Automation product family.
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