N5222B PNA network analyzer offers source and receiver attenuators, bias-tees, pulse generators, and modulators for the best RF performance.


New DDS Synthesizers Improve PNA Measurement Performance

The N5222B PNA vector network analyzer (VNA) offers industry-leading performance for testing active devices. Built-in pulse modulators and pulse generators provide pulsed S-parameter measurements quickly and accurately.

Investigate, characterize, and troubleshoot your designs with a variety of measurement applications using network analysis software applications. The advanced test software applications available on the N5222B PNA network analyzer make it an industry leader in testing amplifiers, mixers, and frequency converters. Overcome your toughest measurement challenges with the highest-performance N5222B PNA network analyzer:

  • choose 2-port single-source or 4-port dual-source versions
  • measure S-parameters with the smallest uncertainty and highest stability
  • characterize active components efficiently with applications that simplify your test setup
  • balance budget and measurement needs by customizing for your ideal level of performance
  • accelerate component behavior insights using a multitouch display and intuitive GUI

What's included:

  • plug, hole, bottom foot
  • installation and quick-start guide
  • safety manual
  • calibration certificate
  • 3 inductors (ferrite cores)
  • wrench
  • cable tie
  • optical mouse

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