The N4917B software provides an automated, standard-compliant stressed receiver sensitivity test according to 100GBASE LR4, ER4, SR4 and CLR4, CWDM4 and 4WDM specifications. To do this kind of test, several test instruments such as a bit error ratio tester, digital sampling oscilloscope, optical reference transmitter and tunable laser source must operate together to achieve a compliant, repeatable optical stressed eye. This stressed eye is then fed to the receiver under test, where bit error ratio is measured under the stress conditions as defined in the standard.

Automating the time-consuming calibration of the optical stressed eye results in time savings of more than a factor of 10 compared to the manual setup.

Turn-key software with test automation controls the whole setup, which limits the time-consuming development of individual test software.


  • 100GBASE standard-compliant optical stress characterization for LR4, ER4 and SR4 modules
  • compliant with CWDM4, 4WDM, and CLR4 multi-sources agreements (MSAs)
  • one vendor turn-key solution automates all required instruments
  • repeatable calibration of optical stressed eye
  • adjustable target values for ER, VECP/SEC, J2, J4, J9, optical modulation amplitude (OMA)


  • calibration of ER, VECP/SEC, J2, J4, J9, OMA parameters
  • jitter tolerance compliance and margin test
  • automated calibration and full control of all instruments with the N4917B software
  • DUT control interface for full automated JTOL test
  • supports data rates up to 32 Gb/s at 1300 / 1550 nm wavelengths on single-mode fiber, and 850 nm on multimode fiber


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