• Allows you to connect a probe with AutoProbe II interface (3.5 mm connector) to a UXR-Series oscilloscope with an AutoProbe III interface (1.85 and 1.0 mm connectors). 
  • Easy to use bolt-on connection.
  • Allows cascaded use with InfiniiMax AutoProbe II adapters (N5442A or N5449A).

The N2852A AutoProbe II to AutoProbe III interface adapter enables the Infiniium UXR-Series oscilloscopes with AutoProbe III interface (1.85 and 1.0 mm connectors) to use probes with AutoProbe II interfaces including InfiniiMax III N2800A-03A, InfiniiMax III+ N7000A-03A, InfiniiMax RC MX0023A, and N7004A O/E converter. The adapter is also compatible with the N5442A precision 50-ohm adapter and the N5449A high Z AutoProbe II adapter, further enabling UXR-Series oscilloscope compatibility with the broader portfolio of InfiniiMax series probes and other Keysight probes.

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