Realize automated test scripts that disaggregate signal acquisition and PAM-4 analysis compute tasks onto different physical or virtual machines. Achieve optimum measurement throughput by running compute intensive analysis tasks in parallel on multiple physical or virtual machines.

This Software Development Kit (SDK) realizes the following PAM-4 measurements on waveforms captured with a Keysight Digital Communication Analyzer (N1092x DCA-M) oscilloscope:

  • Outer OMA and OER
  • Eye Width
  • Eye Linearity
  • Eye Skew

Achieve high throughput and utilize hardware to the fullest by acquiring and processing waveforms simultaneously, not sequentially. Disaggregate waveform acquisition and analysis onto different physical or virtual machines to optimize measurement flow. Run multiple intensive analysis tasks in parallel through an analysis server and effortlessly scale these to use hardware at close to 100%. Realize PAM-4 measurements with the SDK on multiple physical or virtual machines.

Further optimize the automated workflow for maximum throughput using the Keysight Resource Arbiter for optimizing resource usage.

A typical software configuration includes several N1094BS1A SDK licenses, the KS8108A Resource Arbiter Server license, one or more KS8109A Resource Arbiter Client licenses together with KS8000A or KS8400A Pathwave Test Automation licenses, and optionally the plugins for instruments and other resources.

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N1094BS1A PAM-4 Measurement SDK

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