Comprehensive compliance solution

  • Addresses all eight 6G, 11G, 25G, and 28G interfaces, including 28G Very Short Reach
  • Measures all of the nearly 120 parameters
  • Convenient utilities to de-skew cables and determine optimal CTLE peaking values

Flexible and extensible

  • Operate on an N1000A/86100D DCA-X oscilloscope, or on a PC connected to an N109x DCA-M via USB
  • Control device under test and other equipment
  • Test all or selected parameters to compliance or custom limits


  • N1000A/86100D DCA-X Mainframe
  • N109X DCA-M Oscilloscope
  • N107X Clock Recovery

Reduce your test time from hours to minutes! Use the N109228CA compliance software to measure your high speed serial host board, module or IC to all required parameters in the OIF CEI 3.1 Implementation Agreement.

Keysight offers a wide range of electrical and optical test solutions to address current and emerging communications standards. For OIF CEI 3.1, you may choose a hardware combination that addresses your test needs for today, and into the future:

  1. N1000A/86100D DCA-X with N1060A/86108B (Integrated “One-Box” solution) - recommended
  2. N1000A/86100D DCA-X with DCA module and external clock recovery
  3. N109X Electrical DCA-M with external clock recovery

Eight CEI Interfaces

  • 6G Short and Long Reach
  • 11G Short, Medium and Long Reach
  • 25G Long Reach and 28G Short Reach
  • 28G Very Short Reach (host to module and module to host)

Nearly 120 Tests

  • Baud rate
  • Rise and fall times
  • Differential and common mode amplitudes
  • Common mode noise
  • Random, DCD, deterministic, and total jitters
  • Eye opening
  • Differential and common mode return losses
  • Differential to common mode conversion losses

Time-Saving Features

  • Complete additional extensive verification testing using Debug mode
  • Measure jitter parameters for PRBS31
  • De-embed the effects of cables or fixtures
  • Automatically determine optimal CTLE Peaking value for VSR
  • De-skew cable length skew
  • Control device under test
  • Interface with other equipment

Free Trials

N109228CA Electrical TX Test SW for OIF CEI 3.1

Keysight N109228CA Electrical TX Test SW for OIF CEI 3.1 using the N1000A/86100D DCA-X or N109X DCA-M platform.

Extend the Capabilities for Your Electrical TX Test SW for OIF-CEI-3.1

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