• Large, multi-channel systems in Aerospace/Defense, high-energy physics, and digital


  • One AXIe system slot
  • 13 slots for AXIe instruments
  • 62-pair AXIe local bus
  • Requires an AXIe system module

Performance characteristics

  • Gen 2 x4 PCIe link to each module slot (maximum 2 GB/s data rate).
  • Gigabit LAN connection to each module slot
  • High power, 200W cooling per slot

The M9514A AXIe chassis is fully compatible with the AXIe 1.0 and 2.0 specifications. The chassis provides 13 instrument modules slots plus an AXIe system slot. An AXIe system module is required and is available separately. The local bus implemented in the M9514A provides the maximum 62 pairs allowed by the AXIe specification. The chassis is designed to be easily maintained. The power supplies and fan trays can be removed while the chassis remains in the rack.


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